Computer- assisted DLC Modelling

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) deal with multilingualism and many application projects and activities are currently being carried out. Its goal is enabling the use of Web technologies with different languages, scripts, and cultures. Most such works are aimed primarily at foreign  language learning. There are relatively few educational technology environments that consider a multilingual teaching context.  

There is a need need to develop a more comprehensive language proficiency profile model for multilingual students that draws on DLC approach employed in the field of linguistics and sociolinguistics.  In order to develop adequate and effective digital learning support services the multilingual context of education should be taken into consideration. To this end we propose to create and use digital DLC models that would represent particular skills and real usage of languages by students. A DLC model provides a dynamic representation of a student's language proficiency, efficient or not efficient use of languages in various university disciplines. In addition, individual and group DLC models indicate the state of learning and actual adaptation of a student to the learning environment. Since DLC models reflect the real-time situation with language use, language mastery and, importantly, current language needs of the students, they can become a useful instrument for the university governing bodies and administrative services.  

Further investigations through collective DLC models might include many people and an infinite variety of language sets. Once the data of the individual speakers' DLCs is fed into a database, it enables the construction of collective DLCs and contextual DLC representations. Group DLC models can also be stored in a database management system to enable the collection and study of data from populations on their particular multilingual skills and practices.


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